Tuesday to Melbourne

We left Toora on another lovely spring morning.

The Railway Cycle Track at Toora
At the station

https://www.visitgippsland.com.au/do-and-see/outdoor-activities/cycling/great-southern-rail-trail. Starting our journey we followed route of the the old railway track we saw in Toora. Stopping briefly in Foster at the tourist info office to pick up maps and check on the flooding further west.

Outside Foster Tourist Information Office
Lovely planting on the roundabout.
Impressive township sign.
Oh dear roadworks…only a 10 minute holdup luckily.

Lunch at Tooradin

Tooradin carvings

The name of Tooradin comes from the Boon wurrung word too-roo-dun, which refers to the Bunyip that lived in the Koo-Wee-Rup Swamp. The Dreamtime creature had a ‘reputation for devouring human beings’ and ‘lived in the thick mud beneath the water of a waterhole that never dried up.

The iPhone link to the car failed us and we had to resort to Maureen holding the phone so I could read the directions at a glance…here we are at the Gas Works Theatre in Albert Park where Laura’s play is being produced. The adjacent cafe had a nice line in refreshments.

Haml3t Poster
Gas Works Cafe (dog friendly).

It was a little stressful finding the hotel as the Sheila the iPhone sat-nav went on strike amongst the tall buildings but after a couple of circuits we finally made it none the worse for our experience.

View from our 17th floor window.
Government House with the high rise horizon
One of the more interesting new buildings on our first walk in the city.
The North Bank

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