Monday at Toora

Centenary Point Lookout. Fabulous view of the surrounding area including the massive Baby Food Dairy Viplus.

Panoramic View

We drove up to the wind farm situated in the rolling hills behind the town. They’re very big!

Rolling Hills

Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve

Needless to say the Agnes River is in spate after the recent downpours in Victoria making the 59 metre cascade even more spectacular.

Hidden within the rolling green hills of the Strzelecki Ranges, the meandering Agnes River cascades over rocks into a deep picturesque gorge. At 59 metres, Agnes Falls are the highest single span falls in Victoria.

Blue Gum trees on the path
We didn’t see an echidna!

Port Welshpool and the Jetty

As Jettys go it is about a 800 metres long and it is solid. There is a little display near the end and an old diving bell from the oil exploration days. You get a great view of the town and Corner Inlet from the end of the Jetty but for fisher folk it’s a great facility. They have provided rod holders and cutting trays along the way and a couple of tables with water for cleaning fish. There are a series of little shelters you can sit in protected from the sun rain or wind and fish. Worth a visit just to read the history (displayed at the start of the jetty) and to experience the sea air and view from the end. A bracing walk on a cool spring afternoon.

From the end
Diving Bell
Wooden supports.
Dream Time Story

A full morning and then lunch at The Vibe in Toora


Then on to the bird hide, we saw about 40 rare bar tail godwit and also eastern curlew, amongst other species (all confirmed by a proper birder we met in the hide).

Bar Tailed Godwit and Eastern Curlew, in the distance!
He went that-a-way!
Viplus Factory Cow.
Sunset. Good Night.

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