Cooma to Lakes Entrance. 12 Oct 2022

The forecast rain didn’t materialise, so we had a dry and sometimes sunny run through mainly treeless landscape reminiscent of our trip through the Dakotas in the US of A in 2010. Miles and miles of grassland with sheep and cattle in abundance.

Stopping at the little township of Cann River, taking in the community centre and Opp Shop. A popular stopping place for travellers, there was a lot of choices for lunch and we ended our visit at the Bakery with a freshly cooked bacon and egg roll each, sitting outside under a veranda for shade as by now it was sunny and 24°c.

Cann River Bakery

A town of only around 200 inhabitantsOpposite the cafe this wooden church stood on the corner.

Triumphs in the background
Spot the derelict dunny under the tree
Nowa Nowa boat launch

Another journey break at the Nowa Nowa boat launch Just off the Princes Highway, to stretch our legs.

The Nowa Nowa arm of Lake Tyers.
After only another 20 minutes we arrived at our motel.

Lakes Entrance is a seaside resort and fishing port situated approximately 320 kilometres (200 mi) east of Melbourne, near a managed, artificial channel connecting the Gippsland Lakes to Bass Strait.

The township was originally named Cunninghame, the Post Office of opening on 5 February 1870. It was renamed Lakes Entrance on 1 January 1915.

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One thought on “Cooma to Lakes Entrance. 12 Oct 2022”

  1. The places are lovely. The weather looks good. The food will put some weight on you.


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