Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme 11 Oct 2022

We spent the morning at the Hydro Scheme Visitor Centre in Cooma.

The Snowy Mountain Hydro-Electric Scheme employed more than 100,000 people from its launch in 1949 to its official opening in 1972. Migrant workers from more than 30 countries made up about 65% of the labour force.

The scale of ‘the Snowy’ was enormous. Over the course of the project 16 dams, 1,600 kilometres of roads and railway tracks, 80 kilometres of aqueducts, were constructed.

The Snowy remains an important source of power and irrigation water today.

In all a thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating experience.


The afternoon drive was very enjoyable and the scenery stunning, although the town itself seemed between the winter and summer seasons.

Jindabyne is a popular alpine town that sits on the shores of the picturesque Lake Jindabyne at the edge of the Snowy Mountains. A bustling hub in winter for skiers and snowboarders heading for the slopes, in summer Jindabyne attracts plenty of people for hiking, mountain biking, fishing and water sports.

Roofus the Kangaroo

After lunch in a Dudley’s Café, we took a stroll along the lakeside to the memorial statue to Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki.

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One thought on “Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme 11 Oct 2022”

  1. Brings back great memories of our trip in the Splittie in 1973. Delighted you are having such a lovely time.


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