Emu Point and the Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail

A real danger of shark attack here!
Great White Shark
Fearless paddler in the Indian Ocean.
Resident pelicans waiting patiently by the fish cleaning station.
Sam the Seal, local celebrity
The little harbour was full of sport fishing boats.
Crested Tern
Sooty Oystercatcher
Great scones with cream and home made damson jam at the café.
The Boardwalk

The mixed walking and biking trail from Ellen Cove leads around Mount Adelaide where Princess Royal Fortress and the National ANZAC Centre are located, and ending in Albany.

After our lunch we started on the mixed walking and biking trail from Emu Bay, the Ellen Cove Boardwalk climbs above the rocks of Point King, following the coast around the Princess Royal Harbour to the Albany central business district. The trail stretches for three kilometres, and features spectacular views of the Princess Royal Harbour. It soon became too hot to continue at around 30° so we strolled back the way we came.

Intrepid photographer.
Building the shark netting.
Maureen with Emu Point with the new shark enclosure being built in the background.
From July to October Southern Right Whales congregate here.
Humpback Whales also pass close to shore during the Australian winter.
The gently sloping track.

Baudin was the man France held responsible for its failure to colonise Australia. Rumour has it that Napoleon Bonaparte said of him: ‘Baudin did well to die, on his return I would have hanged him.’ How unfair that would have been, for Baudin’s expedition was the first great French success after so many dismal failures.

1754 – 1803

Such were the effects of the ‘poison pens’ raised against him and poor Baudin was completely unable to defend himself as he had died in Mauritius on the return voyage.

Baudin was at the end of a long list of French explorers who set off for the south land and never returned. La Perouse, d Entrecasteaux, Dufresne and St Allouarn had all gone before him and had all died before making it home to France.

The Angry Bird at the view point.

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