Mount Clarence Lookout, Albany

Mount Clarence Lookout Albany.

Two summits make up the Albany Heritage Park. At the top of Corndarup, Mount Clarence, the ANZAC Desert Mounted Corps Memorial is a copy of the original statue erected in Suez in the 1930’s. From Memorial Place you’ll get incredible views of the Sound, and from Apex lookout on the summit, and a 360 degree view of Middleton Beach and incredible views over the Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound.

Pietro Giacomo Porcelli
J. A. Hartman & Son

Poignant quote.

The Waler Horse is a horse breed that originates in Australia, and was recognised as a breed around the 1850s. They tend to be between 15-16hands and are often referred to as ‘walers’. They are believed to have a bit of thoroughbred, timor pony, arab and Cape horse in them. Hence the breed is very diversified and used in a lot of different disciplines.

For the first world war, around 140,000 waler horses were sent to be used in the war overseas, as they are a tough hardy breed. However only one waler horse returned back to Australia after the war. That horse was called ‘Sandy’ and was returned to Australia as he served as the horse for Major General Sir William Bridges. Sandy was eventually put down in Australia due to age and health issues.

They were originally called New Waler Horses as they originates from New South Wales. However they are today only recognised and referred to as Waler Horses.

Waler horses are known for living in the wild in australia, the same as brumbies. In theory they are the same breed – however a waler horse has got old bloodlines and were specifically bred for the military. Only a small percentage of the brumby population can be refered to as waler horses as it can’t have any new breeding developed in them.

There was a lot of controvery when around 10,000 waler horses were culled in the Northern Territory in May 2013. (New Kings Canyon). Tax payers resented the $2,000,000 it cost. The motives of the culling was to reduce numbers and to preserve the breed

140,000 horses went from Australia to WW1

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures as we know the area – stayed with friends in Albany. What are the blue flowers please?
    Love Jan xx


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