Morning in Bushy Park Hampton Court.

Boxing Day and a lovely morning, blue cloudless sky.

Pigeons in a bare tree.
Kate and me in long morning shadow form.
Egyptian Geese on an old gnarled tree stump.
Jackdaw posing for a snap.
Ancient willow catching the morning sunlight.
Low sun.
It really is a lovely tree in this light, that’s Kate in the foreground.
More shadows!

Happy Boxing Day…..

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Flash packer.

2 thoughts on “Morning in Bushy Park Hampton Court.”

  1. Looks like a lovely walk. I went fir a walk with the dogs and Dave this morning, after being chained to the cooker fior two days! Amy and family today soon. But easier day today. Xxxx says:



    1. Happy Boxing Day to you too. We also took advantage of the gorgeous weather and enjoyed a walk across a nearby estate. Happy New Year xx


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