Thursday in Melbourne.

The City Circle (Melbourne tram route 35) is a free tram running around the Melbourne CBD. Aimed mainly at tourists, the route passes many attractions while running along the city centre’s outermost thoroughfares, as well as the developing Docklands waterfront precinct. Trams are a major form of public transport in Melbourne, the Melbourne tramway network consists of around 250 kilometres of double track, 493 trams, 24 routes, and 1,763 tram stops. The system is the largest operational urban tram network in the world.

We rode the historic vintage tram mainly run for tourists around the free tram zone. Whilst it was an interesting experience with a running commentary give us the relative comfort of the modern equivalent any day.

On the Tram
Swanky New Development at the Docks from the Tram

We did the whole circuit with it’s sometimes inaudible commentary and then back to the Docks to have a look around.

Mission to Seafarers c1917.

After seeing the Seafarers Mission we wandered towards Port Melbourne over the Seafarers Bridge and eventually along the South Bank.

The Polly Woodside Museum Ship.
A litter trap on the Yarra River
At Yassas we each enjoyed a lovely lunch of moussaka and salad.

The balcony restaurant affords a lovely view of the Yarra Rver

Flinders Street Station is Australia’s oldest train station, and with its prominent green copper dome, distinctive yellow facade, arched entrance, tower, and clocks, it is one of Melbourne’s most recognisable landmarks. The station was completed in 1910, and the upper floors were purpose-built to house a library, gym, and lecture hall, later used as a ballroom. Its 708-metre main platform is the fourth longest railway platform in the world. Today, heritage-listed Flinders Street Station is the one of the busiest suburban railway stations in the Southern Hemisphere, with over 1500 trains and 110,000 commuters passing through each day.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday in Melbourne.”

  1. Melbourne is a lovely place. I liked the buildings, and it is very clean. Lots of lovely sites to visit.


  2. I worked for a firm of accountants in Melbourne – Spry Walker. Wonder if they are still around – it was 1973. I travelled to work on very old trains which were quite often on strike. I remember Flinders Street Station very well. Have you seen Ned Kelly’s death mask yet?


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