Off on another adventure…

Not an auspicious forecast!

The weather forecast for Sunday was awful but the expected rain had passed by 10am our intended departure time. With the obligatory luggage photos taken and the car packed we set off for Cooma via Goulburn.

We’re getting used to our upgraded Kia SUV, and now we have booster seats and backrests we can both see out of the windows. (Thank you Paul).

The Kia on Sea View Road you can see the South Pacific Ocean on the horizon between the telephone pole and the fir tree!

We set off on time for the Hume highway southwest towards Goulburn, an uneventful journey with a few light showers nothing like the torrential rain we’d had the previous night. It’s the end of a two week school holiday here so the roads were inevitably busy.

Maureen at the Goulburn Information Centre

We stopped for lunch a break and at the information centre to get some up to date maps of the area, all the ones we had were over 10 years old… some more than 20! A lot of roads unsealed roads have been upgraded in the last few years.

The region was traditionally a meeting place for many Aboriginal groups, then in 1818 Hume and Meehan first crossed the area where Goulburn was settled, 45 years later, Goulburn was declared Australia’s first inland City by a royal letters patent, issued by Queen Victoria.

Goulburn grew strong agricultural roots from the profitable wool industry. A short-lived gold rush in the region and the development of the rail system further benefited the City’s growth.

One of the attractions here is the Big Merino.

There is so much more to see here, we will have to come back another time.

Back on the Hume Highway we pared off left down the Federal Highway merging with the Remembrance Driveway which is part of a memorial system of woodland parks, plantations and roadside rest areas providing a living memorial to honour those who served in the Australian Defence forces in WW2, the Korean War, Malayan Emergency and Vietnamese war, and who continue to serve around the world. The most prominent feature of the Driveway is a series of rest areas dedicated in honour of the Australian Victoria Cross recipients from WW2 onwards

Rose Lagoon
Rowes (or Rose)

Lake George

Formerly dry lake.

Since all the recent rain the lake is now properly full and supporting wildlife sound on and hear the frogs….

Rest area named for Peter Badcoe VC.
Easy parking an a comfortable room at The White Manor with bonus sunshine.

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2 thoughts on “Off on another adventure…”

  1. Loving the pics but partularly the history. Hope the weather improved for you both. Been sunny in parts here but def8nite temperature drop late afternoon.. xx


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