London to Wollongong

Heathrow, March 4th

After a good road journey from Keynsham to Heathrow I looked forward to the 23 hour journey to Sydney.

The touch down flight BA15 via Singapore on a Boeing 777 went without hitches and luckily I had an empty seat next to me on both legs of the journey. It seemed a very short stay in Changi airport, we re-embarked in no time. Only time for a brisk yomp around the concourse to get the blood circulating.

BA15 at Changi Airport
Other passengers resting after the 12hr flight from LHR
Leaving Singapore at 20.10

After another night-time flight, the landing 20 minutes early at Kingsford Smith, was little bumpy, but not too bad, it was just getting light. I quickly progressed through customs and immigration and Maureen and Lindell arrived to greet me. We quickly got back to the car and exited the car park within the 30 minute free parking time slot.

Maureen in her sitting room
They must have known I was coming!

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4 thoughts on “London to Wollongong”

  1. Great to learn all journey plans went well, bay, extremely smoothly! Wheelbarrow at the salute! Have a wonderful time!


  2. We wish you another great Aussie experience but will miss you at Beer. Love Jan & Roy


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