Another Amble in to Madeira.

Stork sculpture outside the Hole in One.

Terraced Gardens

St. Catherine’s Park

Fowler of Leeds Steam Roller

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption

Silver Altar Front.

Back to the Fish Market

The Mercado dos Lavradores selling fruit, vegetables, flowers and fish. The building was designed by Edmundo Tavares and opened on 24 November 1940. The facade, main entrance and fish market contain panels of tiles depicting regional themes, executed by João Rodrigues.

Many of the vendors wear the colourful national costume.
Christmas tree on the esplanade.

Te Cathedral Tower

The trees in the distance were killed off in the devastating fires of August 2016

Bronze mermaid in the marina.

Ricardo Jorge Abrantes Velosa (also: Veloza) (Rio de Janeiro 1947), Madeiran sculptor.

Christopher Columbus

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