Funchal, in January 2019

It’s difficult to walk around in Funchal without noticing the many bronze statues adorning traffic roundabouts, this’s on on our walk in to the city near Reid’s Palace Hotel.

This restaurant is famous for its seafood and has live lobsters in a tank by the door but the alley of flowering plants and shrubs is lovely.

Catarina Park

Lunch in the Marina.


The Poncha da Madeira recipe has its roots with the fishermen of the seafaring village of Câmara de Lobos, the ones who actually created this iconic drink from Madeira Island. The Poncha (the local abbreviation) was drunk by the fishermen before they went fishing as a prophylactic against the flu and other sicknesses. By putting together, all the ingredients know when (late 18th century) to be effective against the common cold: alcohol, honey and lemon, they ended up creating Madeira’s signature drink. A drink that is still used by locals to prevent and treat colds and flu’.

Lieutenant General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, OM GCMG GCVO KCB DL (22 February 1857 – 8 January 1941), also known as B-P or Lord Baden-Powell, was a British Army officer, writer, author of Scouting for Boys which was an inspiration for the Scout Movement, founder and first Chief Scout of The Boy Scouts Association and founder of the Girl Guides.

The bust was made by the sculptor Ricardo Jorge Abrantes Velosa in 1997 and was put up in 1998.

1857 – 1941

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