Cobar… a cabin amongst the trees.

Silky Oak


Enjoying the sounds of the birds more here now we’re on our way east.

This little town situated 243m above sea level, and 711km north-west of Sydney. Cobar the word is said to derive from the Ngiyampaa aboriginal word for red ochre, which has been mined here for generations, originally called Gunnar it has been anglicised to Curbar.

It has a superb mining museum and visitor centre. The Europeans discovered copper in 1869, the area is very rich in base metal and continuing exploration and new technology over the past 140 years has expanded the reserves in the area leading to re-opening of closed mines when metal prices improve and mothballing when prices retreat. This has occurred on a constant basis and has caused the population of Cobar to expand to as many as 10,000 and contract to as few as 600 as a result.

Copper ore, lead and zinc, are all mined here amongst other minerals. There are gold and silver mines here as well and the Jewellery exhibit in the museum is interesting!

Old Mine Workings Cobar

Poignant message from a young WW1 soldier.
Pontiac, someone’s former pride and joy!

More local minerals all found here in Cobar.

Cut and polished azurite
Malachite and Azurite
Crystallised cuprite with malachite

You guessed I quite like malachite!
Fabulous Jacaranda flowerhead.
Miners Memorial

Marshall Street Cobar
From our deck early evening Thursday.

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