The New South Wales Section of the Flying Doctor Service was formed in 1936. Its Broken Hill base was initially operated jointly by the South Australian and New South Wales Sections and became operational in 1937. Later became known as South Eastern Section.

Bush stations (farms) didn’t have electricity in the early days so for their radios to work they had to use pedal power. Then later electricity generators provided the power.

Each homestead was provided with a large wooden crate of medical equipment and pills and potions all numbered. The flying doctors or nurses would advise over the radio, and decide if the patient needed a visit or airlifting out. One old cattle man was told to take 2 pills from No 9 bottle but as he had run out of those, he took no’s 2 and 7 and reported next day that he felt fine!

The RFDS was granted the royal charter on the Queens visit in 1955.

During our tour of the Bruce Langford Visitor Centre we heard a brief history of the service https://www.flyingdoctor.org.au/about-the-rfds/history/

We saw some of the current planes in the service hangar.

We were lucky to have the guide to ourselves, he also told us about the current running procedures, the many clinics in Outback settlements, and the more well known rescues and transports to major medical centres from the bush.

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