Minerals in Broken Hill

Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum

Galina, the zinc and silver bearing mineral found in huge quantities at Broken Hill. This is a particularly fine
45 kilo specimen.

Broken Hill is one of the largest ore bodies of lead, zinc and silver in the world. It was over 7 kilometres long and up to 220 metres wide. It’s been mined continuously for almost 120 years. And it’s rapidly coming to the end of its’ productive life. It’s said that at the current rate of mining, the main ore body will be worked out in 4 years.

Early picture of the township with the broken hill in the background, no mostly mined away.


There are numerous minerals found here, some are really stunning.

Where is Broken Hill?

The Silver tree “The Boundary Rider Epergne

The Silver Tree is .  This centrepiece, which previously adorned Charles Rasp’s dining room table, comprises from a hollow base beaten from a single sheet of silver, ornamented with Indigenous Australians, emus, kangaroos, sheep and a Drover on horse back, depicting the local area.


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