To Peterborough

Finally found a tree to park under to have lunch on the journey to Peterborough.
Can’t be doing with all this traffic!
Wilmington Toy Museum had a display of lovely landies.

Peterborough owes its fame to steam railways and was the Crewe cum Didcot of South Australia, but when steam went out of use the town went in to decline with families moving away to where they could find work. In its heyday it was a thriving noisy smokey place. Now it’s enjoying somewhat of a revival with the interest in its heritage railway museum. Tourism is now as it’s main employer, there are scented roses along the Main Street, and many buildings have heritage rooms with historic exhibits.

Originally Petersburg the name was changed in 1917 because of anti-German sentiments in Australia.

The Town Carriage Museum, with video ride from Peterborough to Broken Hill.
Sometimes there is traffic,
then it goes past, then it’s quiet again
wait a few hours and another goes through.

It was Remembrance Day here today and we stood for the 2mins silence at 00:30 uk time.

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