Coober Pedy, A Bizarre Outback Town

Coober Pedy is a small Outback town in South Australia with fewer than 2000 inhabitants. It’s about seven and a half hours north of Port Augusta, and 9hours from Uluru (Ayers Rock). Known as the Opal Capital of world the area supplies 80% of the world.

“Coober Pedy” is a corruption of the aboriginal words white man down a hole.

The miners originally dug holes by hand and explosives and dangled in them looking for the semi precious stones. Now heavy machines are used, and the evidence is all over the town.

There are several underground churches

The Serbian Orthodox Church of St Elijah the Profit is the most charming with its roof showing evidence of the circular drilling machine.

Here we are at the Umoona Opal mine and Museum, we had a fascinating tour with Rudi an ex miner who showed us around the caretakers home and then the mine

At the Radekas Downunder Underground Motel

Constant 23° inside all times summer and winter.

Good night all!

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One thought on “Coober Pedy, A Bizarre Outback Town”

  1. Great pictures which bring back memories of our visit there in 1973. Roy bought me a slice of opal, called a rolling flash, which I had mounted into a gold pendant. Must show you sometime.
    Take care and love from Jan & Roy

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