A Waterside Walk in Wollongong

The Continental Baths with the harbour and Flagstaff Hill in the background. This is one of the earliest rock pools built on the NSW coast. It was first formed in 1881 and held its first swimming carnival in 1896.

We usually walk along the costal path, but this time we were diverted as the old Blue Mile Tramway Walk is being restored to its former glory. http://www.haveyoursaywollongong.com.au/blue-mile-tramway-seawall-shared-path-upgrade

Smiths Hill Fort. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smiths_Hill_Fort

One of the North Wollongong Beach Fore-dune free barbecues

Mo at the Fairy Lagoon

Warnings at Puckey’s Beach!

Puckey’s Beach with the Fairy Lagoon and Dharawal National Park in the background.

Mo from the beach

A bit of geology on the way back along the beach.

Lovely cloudless sky.

Nearer to the harbour.


The busy end of the Northern Beach

North Beach Surf Life Saver statue. http://www.wollongongheritageandstories.com/our-environment/surf-life-saving-on-the-illawarra-coast

The North Beach

The Harbour, lighthouse and Flagstaff Hill

Wollongong, NSW

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