Newark Park 28 March 2017


Tudor hunting lodge to intriguing historic home, set in a spectacular estate

Newark Park stands on top of the Cotswold escarpment, looking down into the Ozleworth valley and to the Mendips beyond.  The Newark estate is situated in an unspoilt corner of Gloucestershire, with barely a sign of modern life visible in any direction.  Founded in the 16th Century by Sir Nicholas Poyntz a courtier to Henry VIII the house and estate went into a steady decline until it was rescued by a Texan architect Robert (Bob) Parsons in the 20th Century.  Newark has an intriguing story to tell, with a quirky collection of furnishings and impressive views.  A place of architectural intrigue, quaint gardens and sprawling parkland there is much to see and do at Newark.

IMG_7170 (Edited)

In an upstairs room there was a group undergoing the odious task of cleaning and cataloguing part of the glass collection.

This is the downstairs loo!

While we were having a coffee I spied this and I couldn’t resist.IMG_7171

A charming folly by the lake.


Breezy lunch-stop, we sat on a log and took in all the sights and sounds of the valley.






Slightly overgrown!
Is this fooling anyone?




After the croquet competition. Pam won of course.


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