Monday to Eagle Hawk Neck

Picked up the car and loaded the luggage!
The view from our apartment
Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck

The thin strip of land known as the Neck connects the Tasman Peninsula to the Forestier Peninsula. It’s about 400 metres long and less than 30 metres wide at one point. This narrow entrance to the Tasman Peninsula was once guarded by the dog line, a line of dogs chained together to prevent convicts from escaping the notorious prison settlement at neraby Port Arthur. Many tried to escape, some succeeded and there’s now a sculpture to mark this once brutal barricade.
The Dog Line
There are shipwreck sites here too, but there’s much more to this place than its dark and dangerous past. The Neck is also a natural geological wonder with striking rock formations like the Tessellated Pavement, and nearby Tasman’s Arch, Blowhole and Devil’s Kitchen.

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