Catching up.

Due to a lack of sufficiently fast internet we’re a bit behind with the blog.  So these photos will give an idea of what we’ve been up to.


The research vessel moored by the CSIRO headquarters.

Roald Amundsen … by Victor Lewis

The sculpture commemorates Roald Amundsen and his historic visit to Hobart in his ship Fram in 1912 where he telegraphed the success the first expedition to reach the South Pole. The sculpture was presented to the people of Tasmania on 8 March 1988. The plaque was unveiled on the 14th December 1991. 

Mending the suitcase, damaged in flight!
Sadly internet is not much better here in Bicheno, but we are enjoying some wonderful scenery here on the east coast of Tasmania.  We’ve spent the last couple of days visiting Eagle Hawk Neck, Port Arthur and the Un-Zoo amongst lots of beautiful beaches and gological features.  Hope to upload some photos tomorrow

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