Singapore to Hobart

Luckily the overnight flight to Sydney was uneventful, but the light from the sunrise was spectacular over Australia.

We arrived in Sydney at 06:35 for our 2 hour flight to Hobart.  The new immigration passport checking system proved a bit of a challenge as Mo’s passport didn’t register in the machine at first, but the smiling young Ozzie Adonis soon sorted it out!  Even so we were in good time for our continuing flight.  After boarding the bus transferring us from the international to domestic terminals there was a collective groan as a suitcase crashed to the ground from the motorised luggage trolley we were following, luckily not ours.

dscf6747This looks so small!

So nice to fly in daylight, even though there was substantial cloud cover for most of the flight.  When we eventually decended into Hobart the clouds cleared enough to see the airport.  Our suitcases were amongst some unusual things on the carousel!


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One thought on “Singapore to Hobart”

  1. Ello Glad. You left blighty just in time to miss the blizzards. I expect you have heard all about them. Will keep in touch.


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