Keswick Railway Track to Threlkeld

We attempted the lovely Keswick to Threlkeld walk along the old railway track today.  After walking across the damaged bridge in Fitz park where three caravans came to rest during the 2015 December floods.image

we continues past the public bowling green is which is still a mess, with occasional rolls ago sodden turf decorating the bare earth.image

The Keswick Bowling Club green however has been restored.


The flood water level displayed by the cheery chapped at the kiosk.

Showing the land slip under Brundleholme Woods



To the left the end of the passable track, this bridge was completely washed away by the ferocity of the water.




Finally we aborted the walk, and we returned to Keswick along the same track. Two of the bridges were demolished and another seriously damaged.  We will have to go to Threlkeld another day via Castle Rigg.



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One thought on “Keswick Railway Track to Threlkeld”

  1. Hi All,

    Thanks for your update on the state of Keswick rail track.

    I guess you had a very wet morning today. It has been v hot here & we missed the showers which were predicted for this afternoon, Everywhere round us got them so we are still sweltering in the heat!

    Tell Jen that I have sent my stuff to Geoff for the bulletin.

    Have fun!

    Chris R


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