The Last Leg

Canberra Rex Hotel
The mosaic “Expansion” by Margo Lewers at the Canberra Rex Hotel where we stayed.

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Multicultural Buddhist shrine, with a hot cross bun for Good Friday at the Marulan Bakehouse where we stopped for a break.
Colonial style building
The Royal Hotel was built in 1872 by Mary Carrigan whose two deceased husbands had owned The Whitehorse Inn at Wingello and the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel at Marulan. When Edward Carrigan died in 1871, his wife Mary Carrigan purchased land opposite the Terminus Hotel and built the Royal Hotel in the same year. The two-storey brick section at the front of the building was completed by 1880 and the original wooden part at the back became a billiard room. This was by far the most opulent of all the inns in the town with plush velvet curtains and beautiful furnishings. When in 1884 Mary Carrigan died, followed a few weeks later by her daughter Mary Hourn her eldest daughter, Annie Kelly and her husband then took charge of the hotel. At about the turn of the century, all the hotel licences were recalled by the government and the Royal Hotel was not re-issued with a licence. Since then, the building has had many varied uses, including as a boarding house, as a shop and as a private residence.


More Lavatorial Art
More Lavatorial Art
We bought a cherry pie for the family from the Famous Pie Shop at Robertson
We bought a cherry pie for the family from the Famous Pie Shop at Robertson




Wollongong from Sublime Point


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